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Sil grew up in South America and has lived and worked in three continents. Corporate jobs took her to Asia, where she spent nearly a decade. Not being able to speak the local languages, she found her own way to develop human connection: she used to wander the streets of cities and villages with her trusted Nikon, making portraits of the locals in their own environment. Without words, she learned to read their passions, joys and sorrows on their facial expressions and body language.

Upon returning to the USA, she was ready to explore other mediums. She studied design and drawing at the Glassell School of Art in Houston. She took a keen interest in color theory and developed her signature style. When she moved to California in 2015, she discovered and fell in love with stone carving. After two years learning to sculpt at the Laguna College of Art and Design, she became a founding member of the Stone Sculptors' Guild of Orange County.

“If my works had a soul, they would be vulnerable souls - the kind that wear their emotions on their sleeves. Whether they are carved out of stone, cut out of paper or layered in oil, they all begin with a strong emotion."

When she is not holding a chisel, a brush or a camera, Sil is often practicing yoga and spoiling her cat.

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