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Welcome to my world.  I was born in March of 1955 in Tehran.  Niloo and I have been married for 38 years. We have Catherine and Thor. We both smiled when we found out that we had forgotten about our 38th anniversary this month!

My life has been impacted by great minds such as Rumi, Chuang Tzu, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Friedrich Nietzsche, Alfred North Whitehead and Henry Corbin.  

“I am because I was thought by the other.” – Henry Corbin.   
I feel connected to the Neptune archetype. My favorite character is the trickster. The image that Neptune creates is the “ideal reality” that I choose to be.  

This is how Richard Tarnas describes my planet, Neptune:

“Neptune is the archetype of the transcendent, of ideal reality, of imagination and the spiritual. It represents the ocean of consciousness that dissolves all boundaries between self and other, between self and universe, between self and God, and between this concrete reality and other realities… Neptune relates to both madness and mysticism, and the line is often hard to draw."
Here is his full text)

This is what my wife Niloo thinks about me: 

“Shami is a little like a trickster - playful, mystical, inspired and enchanted - always questioning normal life and conventional behavior.  He is open-mined, a catalyst for change, on the quest for a life-long journey of transforming self.  I feel that his “Self Portrait” sculpture exposes his trickster character.  

Now and then Shami seems to have glimpses of another life - flying freely in a world of dreams, myths, philosophies, ideas, insights and flow of images that profoundly captivates his psyche.  Even in the midst of our daily chaos, we take a coffee break to share our worlds of dreams, unhurried, unfurled, mindful of each moment, treasuring every little inner insight. For him, each of those inner sightings takes an artistic expression, often in the form of mythical Gods and Goddesses.  Shami recently told me that he is deeply influenced by Neptune archetype.   Perhaps, Neptune can explain his artistic transcendence into the world of Gods and Goddesses that exist within all of us.”  

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