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Jeff's earliest stone carving influences date back to his old-world Italian grandfather. For the past thirty-five years Jeff has worked as a master craftsman creating and executing beautiful stone and tile designs in private homes. He has always known that he would pursue a lifestyle where he would use his hands and follow some form of art.

From the first stone sculpting class that was offered to Jeff in 2004 at Laguna College of Art and Design, he knew he had found his passion. Jeff's artistic vision became taking those raw uncut stones, and being the master craftsman, to discover and uncover the beauty that is hiding within each piece. Sometimes that journey takes him to a place where he tests the stone's boundaries; other times the stone tests Jeff's boundaries. 

For Jeff, there is no greater pleasure than shaping raw stone boulders - whether it's marble, alabaster, onyx, or any other stone - into finished works of art. After all these years, stone carving is his heart and soul. This is the path he plans to follow for the rest of his life.