The Stone Sculptors' Guild of Orange County is a community of stone carving artists who are committed to perpetuating one of the oldest art forms known to man.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for members to develop their artistic expression in an environment of camaraderie and a shared passion for stone; to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and mutual inspiration; to bring stone carving to educational institutions and the wider community through outreach programs; and to facilitate the exhibition and promotion of our members' work.

Our Vision

The Stone Sculptors' Guild of Orange County is a stone carving center of excellence, uniquely co-located with Chiarini Marble & Stone stonecrafters. Our vision is to integrate art and architecture, and to leverage synergies between ancient techniques and the latest technologies in stone crafting.

Our Members

  -  Shonnard Hedges
  -  Randy Hunt
  -  Jay Honig
  -  Christine Linné Keegan
  -  Steven Lustig
  -  Kyong-Boon Oh
  -  Sil Penovi
  -  Tova Rotlevy-Cohen
  -  Jeff Schwalm
  -  Shami Tolooie
  -  Ulrike Zugelder